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Shigeki Fujishiro

Shigeki Fujishiro es un diseñador japonés, lo cual se puede apreciar claramente en sus diseños, a los que  definiría como: plegables, apilables, multifuncionales, geométricos y bonitos.


Miki Amano

Esta entrada será en inglés para que pueda leerla Miki.

Miki Amano is a Japanese artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan. She works as an illustrator and as a textile designer. Miki is also a very good friend of mine, so besides her huge talent I really love and admire her work in wich I can clearly see parts of her. Miki´s work can be amazing, playful, feminine and even naive some times, it shows,  her American studies background (Parsons) and obviously her Japanese heritage but most of all, her beautiful, funny and particular way to see the world.

I must say, that Miki is also the owner of Tona an amazing dog.  Ohh Tona!

Miki in a few Q&A:

TBPT: What inspires you?
MA: In everyday life I get inspired from tiny fragments of everyday life, like silence and mystery, somebody’s laugh and affections, nature and coincidence always make me happy. I used to make art hoping that it will make my mom smile, and I think it is almost the core of my motivation (to make somebody smile)- Not a big laugh, but something to melt somebody’s heart maybe.

TBPT: You lived for a long time in the states, and studied there, how is that experience reflected in your work?
M.A: I think the experience gave me a huge impact. One big thing is that before the states I wasn’t so conceptual. I wasn’t really into talking about my works, but in art classes they really encourage you to talk and think about your own works. so things are more clear and analytical inside of me now I think, which helps me organize my thoughts better.